October 12, 2012

Recycled Art: Garden Gate

Along the Oregon coast, in a quiet neighborhood you’ll find a sweet and magical garden with this beautiful gate created from recycled materials. 

Every summer, we visit the Oregon coast and I always make sure to go by this garden on my run. Look closely at the gate and you’ll find the most ordinary objects transformed. The salt air and rainy weather make it more and more delightful over time.


Alessandra @Tribal Times said...

Wow- that is impressive!

Jessica Yambao said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! I would love to have this gate in my garden :)

- Jessica from Blogging Buddies

Vicki Smith said...

Love this!!!!!!!!!!!! Discovered your blog on the Etsy forum.

Ana said...

Beautiful garden entry, I love how many items have been up cycled to make it into a pretty welcoming garden full of treasures. :) Thank you for sharing with us all.

Julia Wright said...

Absolutely fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing. Found you via Etsy. I'm your most recent follower. Perhaps you'll take a moment and check out my blog as well?


Have a Happy New Year!!

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