March 16, 2017

Wildflower Orca: Study in Cut Paper

The last 3 months, I've been working on an art commission to paint a 3d Orca for the city of Shoreline (Richmond Beach) along with 22 other artists. Here is an initial sketch of the wild flowers in cut paper. 

January 30, 2017

30 Paintings in 30 Days: No. 30 "Red Beet" Watercolor

Julia Child said, "I'm a beet freak. I put them in the pressure cooker." The red beet isn't native to the edible gardens in the United States. Thomas Jefferson grew beets in his garden at Monticello. But they caught on here, currently we are one of the top 3 producers of red beets in the world. 

Here's a link to the other paintings in the gallery.