August 10, 2016

Photo Journal: Port Gamble, Washington

Port Gamble, Washington is a beautiful town located a ferry ride away from Seattle. The architecture is a stunning mix of Victorian buildings and homes made with New England charm. The dahlias were in full bloom when we were there. Above you can see the Walker-Ames house and the St. Paul's Church.

In the Port Gamble Store you'll find an amazing collection of sea shells from around the world as well as other ocean creatures and treasures.

August 3, 2016

Doodling Fun

Doodle Theory Club is having a fun doodling contest. Here are a couple of my entries. The deadline is August 10. Here's a link to the rules: doodle club.

("I entered this Doodle in the @DoodleTheoryClub contest! #doodletheory")

April 15, 2016

Color Palettes: Lindsay Phillip Butterfield Textiles

Lindsay Phillip Butterfield (1869-1848) was a British pattern designer who worked in the Arts & Crafts style. An avid gardener, he created botanical designs for textiles and wallpaper. In his palettes, he used muted and harmonious color with a mix of subtle and dramatic shifts of value.
The top color palette featuring white flowers, you can see the original pattern hereAnd the bottom color palette featuring blue tulips, you can see the original pattern here. The Victoria and Albert Museum has an extensive collection of his work.