October 1, 2012

Space Needle Competition Entry

To celebrate the Space Needle’s 50th anniversary in Seattle, the top was painted it’s original color of gold- usually it is all white. And now they are having a competition to see what will be the next design for the top. Here is my entry for the competition.

During the day, the top would be a graduated blue. You wouldn’t see the glow in the dark paint. (It would be nice to have a patch of blue sky for those Seattle grey days.) I thought it’s a nice symbol too- “blue sky” for all the entrepreneurs that we have in the city. 

At night the design would change. The glow in the dark paint would show and you’d see the stars in the sky. It could cut down on the amount of lights they'd have to use at night to light it, so it’d be good for the environment and economical too. 

The Space Needle could be an example of innovation- maybe use solar paint so it can power it’s own lights. Here's an article on solar paint.

The competition is down to 6 entries and although I am not one of them it was still a fun project to think through. You can check out the entries here: Space Needle Competition.

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skinnybunny said...

How did this entry not make it?

I'm betting it's for the cost of glow in the dark paint, plus with the lights luminating the top at night, the glow paint wouldn't really show (and turning off the lights on the top would bring up a whole new level of complications involved with the decision making process), but I think it's a brilliant design and I wish this would have been taken into account.

Maybe next time!

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