August 31, 2011

The Color Brown: Emotional Response

At the end of summer there is a beautiful blast of color; it’s nice to calm our eyes with the browns that are found in nature at this time of year too—dry grass, tree bark or seeded pods. This chart contains some of the emotional responses to the color brown.
What is your favorite shade of brown?


LC said...

Haha! I guess I'm dull and boring, then, because I prefer the dark cool-toned browns :)

Ms. Veronicas said...

I really appreciate your posts about color. I'm working on an article for my blog and I hope you wouldn't mind me referring to your site and as a good theory resource.

julie cavender said...

There are too many shades of browns to pick one! Dark Chocolate brown, cinnamon brown, sienna, burnt umber. At least they weren't all food related.

just B you said...

Really cool post!
The google friend connect follower thingy isn't working, but I'll visit later to follow your lovely blog.

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