September 16, 2011

Book Review: “Lives of Trees: An Uncommon History”

My daughter and I go to the library once a week to check out new treasures. My latest gem is “Lives of Trees: An Uncommon History” by Diana Wells. I love trees.
Diana Wells covers a vast array of trees from acacias to yews and a lot in between. Even plants we think of as trees turn out to be gigantic herbs like the banana tree- I mean herb. And the coconut tree is really more “akin to grasses than trees.” I like her story about the coconut seed that lives up to a year before it sprouts new life. This gives the seed a chance to go on a floating ocean adventure before it lands on a new shoreline.
“In Germany, fir trees were planted in front of the homes of newly wedded couples to bring them good luck.” 
“Lives of Trees” has interesting stories about invention- Rudolph Haas, a California mail carrier, invented the Haas avocado tree in 1925. (It’s good to have a hobby isn’t it?) And aspirin comes from the bark of willow trees. This book makes you look at trees in an array of new lights.
What’s your favorite tree?

(Find the book at the library: call number 398.242 WEL or online.)


just B you said...

Sounds like a really interesting book! I'm going to tell my kids that the Haas Avocado tree was created by a mail carrier! =)
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Prodigy Crafts said...

very interesting facts! I like fruit trees!

I'm your new follower!
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Cindy said...

Very neat to find out new things! I actually had heard of the avocado guy, but none of the others. I love huge old trees, like the redwoods in CA or the live oaks in Florida. But I also love a weeping willow tree, when it's full and green. Such a neat thing.

Joy Corcoran said...

Thanks for the review. I found your blog looking for drawings of quince. Lovely drawing and now I have a new book on trees to read. Thanks!

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