June 25, 2015

Photo Journal: Trees Around America

“Gentle Giants” Heritage Sycamores at Tlaquepaque: Arts and Crafts Village, Sedona Arizona. These beautiful trees were saved by people in Sedona from a road expansion project.

“Hanalei Coconut Tree” on the hilltop of the taro fields in HanaleiKauai. Haraguchi Farm is a 5th generation Taro farm seen below.

“Red Rock Tree”: Twisted juniper tree overlooking Cathedral and Courthouse Rock. Sedona, AZ. At a stop on Upper Red Rock Road Loop Drive in the early evening. The small twisted juniper is in the same visual key as the magnificent red rocks.

American Forests is having a tree photo contest. Here's a link if you would like to enter. Or see their flickr page to view all the beautiful trees.

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Mitch said...

I don't think I will enter, but I am definitely going to keep watching. Trees are awesome.

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