June 19, 2015

Color Palette: Monet's Sense of Light

Color palette from Claude Monet's Painting: "Stacks of Wheat (End of Summer), Art Institute of Chicago. 

Color palette from Claude Monet's Painting: "Stacks of Wheat (Sunset, Snow Effect), Art Institute of Chicago. 

Monet was a master of light through color. Just by looking at the color palettes you can feel the change of seasons. (I grew up going on field trips to the Art Institute of Chicago where they have a collection of beautiful Impressionist paintings.) I've collected some other examples of Monet's paintings on a pinterest board. VIEW BOARD

What is your favorite Monet painting?


Van said...

The one I love is called "sunrise' I believe, but all his paintings are SO beautiful. Love the palettes you have here :)

Melissa said...

So pretty! Great idea for a post too. My fave Monet, hands down is his "Beach in Pourville". I love the saturation and contrast in that painting. So cool that you have good field trip memories at the art gallery. That's lovely.

SueLC said...

Those are beautiful paintings! I added them to my pinterest board on Monet.

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