June 3, 2011

William Morris: Growing Patterns

William Morris (1834-1896), the father of the English Arts and Crafts Movement, had many talents—artist, designer, 
writer and poet. He created works in stained glass, textiles, wallpaper, floor coverings, embroidery, tapestry, books 
and calligraphy.
Nature was Morris’ inspiration. He believed that every element in his pattern compositions grew "visibly and necessarily from another.” William Morris also said, “You may be sure that any decoration is futile and fallen into at least the first stage of degradation, when it does not remind you of something beyond itself...”
It was surprising to read that Morris’ studio space was very simple and devoid of any patterns.
Do you use patterns in your work?
(Books: William Morris and Morris & Co. by Lucia van der Post, V & A Publications, London, 2003. Library call number 747.09 VAN or online. William Morris Textiles by Linda Parry, Viking Press, NY, 1983. Library call number 747.22 or online.)

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