April 30, 2014

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Favorite Color

In Scottsdale, Arizona sits a gem- Taliesin West. Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter home and architecture school. According to one of the docents, Frank Lloyd Wright’s favorite color was a red orange. Outside the buildings it becomes an accent color to the natural stone walls and red oxide colored beams, structures and steps. (Red oxide looks like another favorite color.) Inside this beautiful red orange color becomes a strong visual element that warms up the spaces. You see it on the furniture, drapes, theatre benches and walls.

One of the docents said that Frank Lloyd Wright had his cars specially painted for him in this color. On this pinterest board you can see that he painted his cars either red oxide or a shade of orange.



elettrarossa said...

I didn't know about it, very interesting!

Melissa said...

Very interesting article, thanks for sharing it.

Katya Loskutova said...

I like your blog - it looks fresh and cosy. Colours are a great topic to learn more about.

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