August 23, 2013

Magical Summer: Fireflies

One of the magical things about a midwest summer are all the lightning bugs sparkling up the darkening sky at dusk. I adopted a couple of the little critters who enjoyed their ride aboard a Boeing 737 back to the northwest. Before their grand release one week later, they amazed us every night with their light show.

Did you see fireflies this summer?

(Resource: Information on fireflies)


Liz Williams said...

Yes, being in Wisconsin we see them all the time! Its been years since I have actually tried to catch them though, partly because I am usually inside for the night by the time they come out. Now I am making this one of my goals before summer is over! My daughter would love it! Thanks for the inspiration!

Crafty Green Poet said...

I've never seen fireflies in Scotland (I don't think we have them here). When I lived in Malawi though, I used to love watching the fireflies, whether they were in the fields by te river or in the house.

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