March 15, 2013


Where do you go to take a break from the rain or snow? 

In Seattle, it's great to go on a mini sun trip to the Volunteer Park Conservatory. It’s a beautiful building and so cheerful inside with all the blooming, colorful flowers and fresh, plant air.  You feel like you’re outside but you stay warm and dry on a rainy day.

The Volunteer Park Conservatory celebrated it’s 100 year birthday last year. It’s the crown jewel of the Olmstead brothers Volunteer Park which is seated high on a vast hill in Seattle. Around the park there’s architectural splendor from the turn of the last century- a series of impressive mansions.

I’m taking a watercolor class with Jan Morris. She’s an enthusiastic and resourceful teacher. I have been trying to loosen up my brushwork and Jan has been a big help.

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