May 13, 2011

A Smile, a Flower and a Little Green Plant

This spring, I looked at my desk and I decided that it needed something that didn’t say work. 
I created a small collection of objects from around our home that give me a sense of peace and make me smile. 
It’s a nice little corner of calm in my day.

(The pretty little container for the flowers was a pretty container for our remotes. Hmmm...
but it never seemed to work. No one missed the “remote container” when I took it away!)
What gives you a sense of peace at your desk?


julie cavender said...

I have a sunny window at my desk. Which is great since I'm sitting at the computer a lot. I have stained glass pieces and beads hanging in the window to catch the light. I like the Buddha!

brienna said...

I have a little sun lamp that gives me sunlight even on the rainy mornings in England... in the spring, I open the window and listen to the birds chirp... I find this very peaceful and happy ;o)


Julie DeGroot said...

I am tucked in the corner surrounded by 4 large windows for me to just look up and gaze upon my gardens and nature. On my desk sits my metal bird sculpture and a gorgeous glass flower.

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