January 30, 2017

30 Paintings in 30 Days: No. 30 "Red Beet" Watercolor

Julia Child said, "I'm a beet freak. I put them in the pressure cooker." The red beet isn't native to the edible gardens in the United States. Thomas Jefferson grew beets in his garden at Monticello. But they caught on here, currently we are one of the top 3 producers of red beets in the world. 

Here's a link to the other paintings in the gallery.


Carol Steinberg said...

Beautifully done, and especially like the placement on the page.

Laurie Mueller said...

I love this painting! Who would have thought a beet could be so beautiful! Great job-your work is awesome, and congrats on the 30 in 30, Sue! Thank you for your support!

SharonKullberg said...

This painting is beautiful! Sometimes a composition hits it just right.

SharonKullberg said...

I hope you will keep posting now that the 30 day challenge is over.

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