January 17, 2017

30 Paintings in 30 Days: No. 17 "Lemon Tree" Watercolor with Pencil

At Seattle's Volunteer Park Conservatory, there was a lemon tree. (It's a nice break from our cold winter to be in the nice warm conservatory.)

Here is the wonderful gallery of painters for day 17.


Sheila said...

So fresh and bright :)

martine paquet said...


Carol Steinberg said...

What Martine said!

Crazy Chic Designs said...

How can i buy two of these?

SueLC said...

Hi, I made it available in my shop.
Here's a link: https://www.lally-chiu.com/shop/7gshpeab0h42etqdlp9cz2ts42a7dn

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