April 18, 2013


Happy Tree Press is happy to announce that we are supporting the Arbor Day Foundation’s program: “Replanting Our National Forests.” 

Arbor Day was created by Julius Sterling Morton who like Johnny Appleseed had a life long passion and mission for planting and cultivating trees. In the mid-19th century, Julius and his wife Caroline moved from the midwest to the barren landscape of Nebraska. They deeply missed the rolling forests of Michigan so the Mortons started planting trees and shrubs on their land.

In 1872, J. Sterling Morton brought his seed of an idea- “Arbor Day” to the Nebraska State Board of Agriculture and it was an unexpected success. On the first Arbor Day, more than one million trees were planted. Nebraska chose April 22, Morton’s birthday, as their official day of celebration. Today Arbor Day is rooted in all 50 states in America plus many countries around the world.

“Each generation takes the earth as trustees.” J. Sterling Morton.

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